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September 1, 2007

A quick shot of Jupiter

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Jupiter on 9/1/07

Even though it’s really hazy and super hot and humid, I figured since I could see Jupiter this evening, I should probably take a picture of it. This is the result – I didn’t want to set up my whole rig in the driveway and anyway my camera battery needed to be recharged so I just dragged out the scope and hooked up the camera and pointed it at Jupiter without aligning (I couldn’t see Polaris, anyway) or using the tracking motor. This isn’t as important for planets though since they are so bright – the images don’t need to be exposed as long as deep sky objects. I took 14 shots and then combined them. Why not more (more gives greater detail)? My battery ran out. It’s charging now.

This is taken with a Nikon D50 with a 3X Barlow using my 114x500mm telescope. ISO 1600 / 7/40 of a second total exposure time (14 1/80 sec exposures stacked in RegiStax and then leveled in Photoshop)

Update: Rather than make a new post, here’s the image I took on Sunday night of Jupiter – much better.

Jupiter on 9/2/07
Jupiter on 9/2/07 – click for more details


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