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September 18, 2007

The Waxing Moon

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The Moon on 9/17/07

This evening, I got started looking at the moon, which is waxing right now (that means it’s growing larger – when it is growing smaller it’s called waning). After a couple minutes of doing that, my friend Dave came over with his new 5 inch telescope which he really had yet to use. It has a goto and we were anxious to get it going. To start with, we collimated the telescope, which was a good idea since it wasn’t even remotely close to aligned (when I put my laser collimater in the focuser, the laser didn’t even hit the primary mirror at all). Then we set about figuring out the goto. It starts up by aligning to a couple stars and then it’s supposed to be able to go to different objects in the night sky and track them. We started with Jupiter and what a difference that extra half an inch of aperature makes! We could see cloud bands pretty clearly which is something I’ve never seen with my scope. Unfortunately, the tracking seemed off and it had some issues finding stuff. We would go to an object (say M13) and it would get it close, but not quite right. I would have to then manually slew around to be able to find the object. It also had some issues tracking. Anyway, it was interesting, but frustrating at the same time. We’ll need to work some more in order to figure out how to get the most out of his telescope. And it makes me really that much more interested in getting a larger telescope.


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  1. Despite the troubles you had, looks like you got a nice photo out of it


    Comment by Gary — September 18, 2007 @ 10:02 pm

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