Flintstone Stargazing

November 28, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes and Mars on 11/27/07

Comet 17P/Holmes on 11/27/07

The weather is cooperating again and I’m back to stargazing. Tonight was very clear, but cold. I took shots of a number of different sights, which I’ll probably post later, but here are two things I got which I can share now – first is the my Comet 17P/Holmes image above. The second is this image of Mars:

Mars on 11/27/07
Mars on 11/27/07

Obviously with my scope, there’s really no detail, but it’s still neat to know that I’m looking at a planet and that there are two working rovers on Mars in addition to a number of orbiting probes right now. If you’d like to see it, Mars is in the East shortly after sunset and is the bright orange “star” that can be seen below the Pleiades.

Update: Here’s my latest M31 – Andromeda Galaxy image:

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy

This is now a 24 minute exposure. I’m continuing to take more and more exposures of this and adding them together to create a more detailed, better image.


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