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February 17, 2008

The Bay of Rainbows and Copernicus Crater

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Sinus Iridum-Bay of Rainbows on 2/17/08

Here are the two areas of detail that I imaged this evening. Sinus Iridum – The Bay of Rainbows is always one of my favorite areas of the moon – the smooth plain (okay it has some ripples) and the beatiful curve of the rim are striking and if conditions are just right sometimes top of the rim is illuminated but the plain is not which results in what looks like a mountain range to nowhere.

The image below is of Copernicus Crater one of the largest craters on the moon. Each of these images was captured using my cheapo Meade web cam – I captured 60s worth of video on each and then used Registax to pull out detail. Both of these features can be found in my previous post featuring an image of the moon this evening – they are both found in the top part of the image.

Copernicus Crater on 2/17/08
Copernicus Crater on 2/17/08

Added: This image shows how Sinus Irudum connects to Mare Imbrium – the Sea of Rains. It was not taken using the webcam – it was taken with my Meade DSI II Color camera and then stacked in RegiStax.

Mare Imbrium and Sinus Iridum on 2/17/08
Mare Imbrium and Sinus Iridum on 2/17/08


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