Flintstone Stargazing

May 25, 2008

Saturn on 5/24/08

Saturn on 5/24/08

I did a bit more Saturn eyepiece projection photography last night and this is the result. I think I’m pushing the limits of my equipment at this magnification and it’s not radically better than the slightly lower magnification one I took the other night. That said, this is definitely the best way for me to capture planet images with my equipment.

I also took a number of wide-field tracking shots with the D50 attached to the weight bar of my telescope of the constellation Leo which Saturn is in right now.

Saturn in Leo (labelled) on 5/24/08
Saturn in Leo on 5/24/08

Finally, today, my lilies started blooming, so here’s a shot of something completely unrelated to astrophotography:

Garden Lilies
Lilies in my Garden


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