Flintstone Stargazing

February 24, 2009

Comet Lulin on 2/24/09

This image of Comet Lulin is a stack of 60 images taken from 11:56pm until 12:27am. The comet is now at its closest point to Earth, about 38 million miles, which is really not that far. It will probably start to fade a bit soon, so you should try to view it if you can. I was able to see it with binoculars in the southeastern sky around 9:30.



  1. Hi Ed,
    nice picture! I wonder what those zigzag paterns are.
    I also took a picture of the comet with my D40 last night. Take a look at my site.

    Comment by Ricardo — February 25, 2009 @ 8:22 am

  2. The zig zags are hot pixels. I think my dark frames at that temperature are out of date and so don’t include those hot pixels. When I stack normally,the hot pixels get taken care of better, but for some reason, in comet stacking,they don’t disappear as easily.

    Comment by Ed — February 25, 2009 @ 9:34 am

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