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Me and My Equipment

I live in Flintstone, GA. I bought a telescope in June of 2007 and was hooked the first time I looked at Jupiter. I’m new to stargazing and this blog is a place for me to keep track of what I’ve been doing and get feedback from folks.

My Telescope Rig - 1/26/08
My Telescope Rig


812x203mm Meade LXD75 8″ Schmidt-Newtonian with Autostar
700x70mm Meade 70AZ-A Refractor
500x114mm Tasco Galaxsee telescope


Meade DSI Color II
Meade DSI Color
Meade USB Camera (came with the Meade 70AZ-A)
Nikon D50

1.25″ Eyepieces

Tele Vue 7mm Nagler Type 6 (This is an extraordinary eyepiece)
SmartAstronomy 32mm Plossl
Meade 26mm Super Plossl
25mm Plossl
20mm Plossl
15mm Plossl
12.5mm Plossl
6.5mm Plossl
4mm Plossl
20mm MA20 – Came with Tasco Telescope – low quality
10mm MA10 – Came with Tasco Telescope – low quality
4mm SR4 – Came with Tasco Telescope – low quality

Other Equipment

SmartAstronomy 5X Barlow
Meade 3X Barlow

Zhumell 1.25″ Universal Projection Adapter


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