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September 6, 2007

A cloudy sky and a good book

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Cloudy Sky on 9/6/07

The past week has allowed for only fleeting glimpses of stars through a lot of clouds. When the clouds open up, the humidity has been so high that everything has been really hazy cutting visibility down enough that I haven’t been able to take any photos at all.

That’s been okay though because not only has North Georgia been really dry and needed rain, it’s also cooled down the scorching temperatures somewhat. Since I haven’t been able to stargaze, I’ve been reading a book my in-laws gave me for my birthday, the National Geographic Encyclopedia of Space. This coffee-table style book came with a nice “map” or guide to the universe as well as a nice suplement that talked about the solar system and the whole “demotion” of Pluto to a dwarf planet. I finished reading the book a couple days ago and would give it 4 stars out of five. The photos are great (you just can’t go wrong with Hubble photography) and there are a lot of great entries in the book which do a good job explaining various phenomena and features of the universe. My only quibble with it is that it seemed like it could use a bit more organization of the content – which seems odd since it’s supposed to be an encyclopedia… Anyway, I enjoyed it very much and really appreciated the gift. Thanks Doc and Marty!

So no stargazing tonight, but I’ll be out again as soon as I’m able to be. Keep looking up!


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