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December 21, 2010

I’m turning in for the night – it’s now supposed to start raining soon…

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The forecase is now a reasonable chance of rain in the next hour, so things are getting worse. At least I got one photo, but I’m still disappointed. I had high hopes for this lunar eclipse and now it’ll be April 15, 2014 before we get another shot at one. Four years! Arrgh.


Lunar Eclipse – quick shot through clouds

I’ve been standing outside for 30 minutes and this was the only time I’ve seen the Moon, but I got a quick, decent shot. I’m hoping for more, but not liking my chances. The weather seems to potentially clear up in a couple hours to where it will only be MOSTLY cloudy…

February 20, 2008

Eclipse Roundup

Total Eclipse 2 on 2-20-08

The image above was taken during totality. Unfortunately due to the clouds, getting any images was difficult, but I did manage to get a couple good ones. We had a wonderful time with all of the people that came by. It was great to talk to everyone and I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. I was just disappointed that the clouds couldn’t hold off. It would have been great for everyone to see Mars and Saturn.

Here are the last few images I took as the Moon came out of the Earth’s shadow:

The Moon Emerges from the Earth's Shadow on 2/20/08
The Moon Emerges from the Earth’s Shadow

I took a bit longer exposure on this one to bring out the detail in the shadowed areas:

The Eclipse is ending - Shadow Emphasis on 2/20/08
The Eclipse is ending – Shadow Emphasis

Finally, in this shot, the Moon is about halfway out from the shadow:

The Eclipse is nearly over on 2-20-08
The Eclipse is Nearly Over

Thanks again to everyone who came and I hope to be able to have another star party when the weather is nice and maybe even a bit warmer!

The Moon during Totality

Total Eclipse on 2-20-08

Here’s an 8.6 second shot during totality. You can see the lower limb is more illuminated with the blue light refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Eclipse is nearly Complete

The Eclipse is nearly complete (2-20-08)

The Eclipse Continues

Lunar Eclipse on 2-20-08

This is about 25 minutes after it started.

The Eclipse Has Begun

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The Eclipse Has Begun (2-20-08)

Here we go!

T-25 minutes

Moon (T-25m to eclipse) on 2-20-08

Clouds have rolled in, but the Moon is still visible. 25 minutes until the eclipse starts!

The Eclipse Party is On

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The Rising Moon on 2/20/08

Okay – there are still some clouds in the sky, but I believe we can see enough of the night sky that the eclipse should still be visible. The party is on. If we can’t see the Moon, we’ll still have a good time. Come on by!


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Sunset on 2/20/08

Right now, the forecast is telling me we have a decent shot at getting some good eclipse viewing tonight, but the sky right now makes me wonder. At this point, the eclipse party is still on, but I’ll post later if I change my mind.

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