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September 7, 2013

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy on 9/6/13

Here’s the other thing I was imaging. Because of the low number of subs and lack of flat frames, there are quite a few dust donuts visible on this image. I may spring for an EL panel or something to do good flat frames… We’ll see.

Boy, it was nice to be out again. And the Cardinals won, so that was a bonus. 🙂


November 26, 2009

M31-Andromeda Galaxy on 11/25/09

I recently bought a 135mm f/2.8 lens off of eBay. It’s an old Soligar (it’s about my age) and has a manual focus, Because my DSI uses a T-mount as well as this lens, I just bought a couple spacers and now I’m able to use my DSI to take widefield shots like this one. With my telescope, I can’t get the entire Andromeda Galaxy into the frame with my DSLR, but with this lens, it fits on my little DSI just fine. I hope to do a more imaging like this soon.

October 19, 2009

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy on 10/18/09

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It was very cold this evening, but the sky was clear and so I finally had a chance to try out my new imaging filter with my Nikon D50 camera. I decided to image the Andromeda Galaxy, M31 and I think it did a good job. I need to take some good flats to get the levelling right, but overall, I’m pretty pleased with the image.

January 24, 2009

Andromeda Widefield on 1/24/09

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Tonight I took a bunch of widefield shots tonight of part of the Andromeda constellation – you can see M31 – the Andromeda Galaxy in the upper right. For comparison, the image below is of the Andromeda galaxy through my 8″ telescope. It was taken a couple months ago.

October 5, 2008

M31-Andromeda Galaxy on 10/2/08 (reprocessed)

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I wasn’t really happy with the way Andromeda turned out the other night so I reprocessed it yesterday. Unfortunately, I’ve been to busy in the evenings to get out the past few days and I’m not sure I’ll have the change again for a bit. Too bad – it’s been pretty nice.

October 2, 2008

M31-Andromeda Galaxy on 10/2/08

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I’m not super happy with the processing on this, but I was very happy with the number of images I got this evening. The sky has been absolutely stunning the past couple nights. The only problem now is that it’s getting cold, even with my layers, I was a bit chilly. Still, it’s nice too be viewing the familiar Fall sky again.

September 25, 2008

M31-Andromeda Galaxy on 9/24/08

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This is the first shot of Andromeda I’ve gotten from the D50 with my 8″ scope. And I didn’t realize how big the thing was. I’m going to have to go back and get more frames to get the whole thing in the shot! What a difference autoguiding makes, allowing me to take shots of 5-6 minutes. Well, it’s really late, so I’m headed to bed now…

March 9, 2008

Photo Messier Marathon 2008 – Day 1

Photo Messier Marathon 2008 – Day 1

Here’s the composite image of all 43 of the Messier Objects I captured last night. Each image is made of fifteen 15s images stacked (225s total). I’m hoping to fill the entire grid out by the end of the month. Here’s a link to all of the images captured thus far as part of this Photo messier Marathon.

November 28, 2007

Comet 17P/Holmes and Mars on 11/27/07

Comet 17P/Holmes on 11/27/07

The weather is cooperating again and I’m back to stargazing. Tonight was very clear, but cold. I took shots of a number of different sights, which I’ll probably post later, but here are two things I got which I can share now – first is the my Comet 17P/Holmes image above. The second is this image of Mars:

Mars on 11/27/07
Mars on 11/27/07

Obviously with my scope, there’s really no detail, but it’s still neat to know that I’m looking at a planet and that there are two working rovers on Mars in addition to a number of orbiting probes right now. If you’d like to see it, Mars is in the East shortly after sunset and is the bright orange “star” that can be seen below the Pleiades.

Update: Here’s my latest M31 – Andromeda Galaxy image:

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy

This is now a 24 minute exposure. I’m continuing to take more and more exposures of this and adding them together to create a more detailed, better image.

November 20, 2007

What a difference two days makes…

Comet 17P/Holmes on 11/19/07

Comet 17P/Holmes continues to develop more of a “proper” tail. I haven’t been able to view it the past 2 days and it’s quite different now. I also was able to try out my new focal reducer which allows me to take a wider field of view on my images. I didn’t have to stitch this together from multiple exposures, which is nice. The super bright star in this is Alpha Persei, also known as Mirfak, which is the brightest star in the constellation Perseus.

Also, I took these two images (again using the focal reducer) of M31 – The Andromeda Galaxy and M42 – The Great Orion Nebula.

M31-The Andromeda Galaxy on 11/19/07
M31 – The Andromeda Galaxy on 11/19/07

M42-The Orion Nebula on 11-20-07
M42-The Orion Nebula on 11-20-07

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