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September 7, 2013

M8-The Lagoon Nebula on 9/6/13

It has been nearly a year since I really did some astrophotography. That has been for a number of reasons, mostly weather-related, but also because I’ve taken up model building and have just been really busy. Tonight was beautiful – a bit humid, but clear. I just had to get out and do some imaging. And I did. I took some nice shots of M8 and M31. With M8, in particular (shown above) I did shots at 1, 5, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 360 seconds to use as a demonstration in my Barnard Astronomical League presentation next week.


September 15, 2010

M8-Lagoon Nebula on 9/13/10 (reprocess)

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I did some reprocessing with flats and other things and was able to pull a lot more data out of my M8 image. I also have an offer from a flickr user to reprocess using my raw images so I’ll let you know how that goes. If they do a good job, I’m hoping I can learn some new processing techniques.

September 14, 2010

M8-Lagoon Nebula on 9/13/10

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Last night was just about as nice as Sunday night and I was out again, this time imaging M8, the Lagoon Nebula. I also took some flats that I was able to subtract out in Photoshop which helped keep the center from being blown out. This image is a composite of an hour and I’m thinking that I might try to do a long term Messier Marathon where I image all of the Messiers for an hour of 4 minute exposures to do a longer term version of my 2008 messier project.

September 28, 2008

M8-Lagoon Nebula on 9/28/08

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It’s been cloudy for several days and I haven’t been able to get out until tonight. It was really nice, clear and dark, but started to get windy about the time my Nikon camera battery gave out so I called it a night. This is really the only image I got – the Lagoon Nebula. Unfortunately, the IR filter on the D50 blocks out a lot of the Hydrogen Alpha light which normally makes this very red in color (though you can see a bit of that). It’s a big nebula found in Sagittarius. I’ve still got coma going on, particularly in the right side of the image. I’m trying to figure out if I can take care of that without spending anything by just collimation and alignment. We’ll see…

October 2, 2007

M8-The Lagoon Nebula

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M8-The Lagoon Nebula on 10/2/07

After counting stars with my kids, I turned my attention to some Messier Objects I had not captured before which I’ll post later. M8 I had imaged before, but not with my DSI so I took this shot which is a 390 second exposure. You can really see the nebulosity in this – I’m very happy with this image. I’ll be posting more soon.

August 11, 2007

M4, M8 and my battery died

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This evening was beautiful. While warm, it wasn’t too hot and I set up as usual in my driveway. While there’s a fair amount of light down low (instead of street lamsp, the mailboxes are lit) there isn’t too much light above my telescope so I’m able to keep a lot of that light from screwing up images. Tonight I decided to try to track down some more Messier objects and particularly find Andromeda once it got high enough in the sky. I started out aligning my telescope at a bit after 10pm and got down to business of finding M4 after trying a couple of test shots on Anteres (which is pretty close to M4). I was able to get a reasonable focus (it’s very hard to focus through the viewfinder of the Nikon). Here’s what I got:

M4, 8/10/07

After getting a couple shots, I headed over to M22, which, as it turns out I took a bunch of out of focus shots of. Next, M8 or M20 (they’re very close). I’m pretty sure what I wound up with was M8 – my uncertainty comes from not having a good star chart and having to manually find stuff. That said, M8 looks like it more than M20. If anyone has any definitive answer on this, let me know.

Messier 8, 8/10/07

After M8, I went on to image Andromeda, it being around 11:00 now, it was reasonably high in the sky and I could get it in focus. This time, I had printed out directions on how to get there and, I believe, succesfully found it. I’m more sure now that yesterday I imaged M33 instead (which is nearby). Andromeda appeared much larger. Anway, I took a couple shots, found it was out of focus, focused it in and the camera battery died. Ah well, I’ll get it charged and hope to have more clear skies this weekend. Maybe I can see a few more of the Perseids. I saw two tonight – one was a deep red.

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