Flintstone Stargazing

January 30, 2008


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My stats counter today

I couldn’t resist. I’ve had the blog up since July 23rd, and I’ve averaged a bit over 50 views a day. My single biggest day was from the lunar eclipse in August and I expect that I’ll be seeing quite a bit of traffic with next month’s lunar eclipse as well (assuming we have good weather). Actually, I’d like to invite anyone who reads the blog to a star party in my driveway on February 20th. We’ll be starting at 8 – the eclipse begins at 8:43 and is total at 10:01. I’m planning on having my scopes set up and my cameras going. I’ll supply hot chocolate and will be inviting the neighbors as well. If it’s clear, we should have a great time. I’ll post more details as the date approaches.


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