Flintstone Stargazing

Upcoming Targets

Here are things I’d like to image. I’m listing them here so I won’t forget about them.

M1, M31, M51, M63, M64, M88, M94, M104
I’m sure I’ll be imaging many Messier Objects, but all of these are ones that I really want to get some good images of.

Hanny’s Voorwerp
Near IC 2497

Helix Nebula
Also known as NGC 7293.

Stephen’s Quintet
Near NGC 7331. A group of 5 very close galaxies.

Cat’s Eye Nebula
Also known as NGC 6543.

NGC 4565
An often photographed, edge-on spiral galaxy.

Centaurus A
This is an interesting galaxy with strange dust lanes across it. It looks like an interesting target.

NGC 5139
A bright globular cluster in Centaurus. I should probably image this at the same time as Centaurus A.


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  1. An interesing list of objects to look at. There are some beautiful images of the Cat’s Eye Nebula. I’d be intested to see what you can achieve with your equipment.

    Comment by bellatrixorionis — January 16, 2009 @ 6:47 pm

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